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Five Things Defensive Lineman & Linebackers can do at Home on Quarantine

1. Get offs- Get offs are the cornerstone to every front 7 players. This will help with reaction time and make the initial first steps more efficient. With a partner, line up across from one another and take-off based on the movement of the offensive player. Not only do we want to move quickly, but we want to get as much distance with our initial steps as we can.

2. Pick up the towel- this drill teaches athletes to play with great pad level but maintain the bend in the legs and hips, not the back. They say the best athletes are the one that can move full speed with their knuckles on the ground without falling over. Grab a towel and place it 5 yards from you, jog towards the towel and pick it up without breaking stride or stopping your feet.

3. Hip Flips- Hip flips do 2 things 

1) They make athletes more agile and increase body control. 

2) They increase foot speed and power when executing finesse type moves. 

These can be done as a workout or a warm-up to a workout. Back yard, basement or field if you have access.

4. Read react- Athletes can line up across from each other in their respective shades and techniques. One player on offense and one on defense. The offensive player gives a down, base, reach or pull block read for 2-3 steps. The defensive player takes his normal game steps and attacks till contact then lets up. The important thing is he keeps his leverage and gap integrity. This drill works on, using the read step and redirecting, maintaining good gap integrity, and eye discipline in the stance.

5. Run recognition- Watching game film and just calling out the names of plays and formations of the other team with their friends, this helps athletes with their recognition time, helps recognize tendencies between formations and plays executed. Athletes can make it a competition between one another keeping score out of 65 to see who recognized the most plays first, and correct. Athletes can also start watching old NFL film on YouTube, this makes it tough because NFL formations are usually less conventional but still have a few similarities.